Suika: Watermelon Game

Suika (or Watermelon Game) is a fruit puzzle where players must place apples, melons, pineapples and other fruits into a container without them crossing a line at the top of the board. Fruits of the same type must be combined to form a larger fruit, which adds points to the player. The largest fruit you can pick is a watermelon. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible before the container is full. How many points can you score?

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How to play Suika Game?

  1. Drop fruits

    As soon as you open the website, there will be an empty container in front of you. Next, you need to drop the fruit by clicking the mouse or touching the screen. The position of the fruit will depend on where you press inside the box. Drop fruits
  2. Match identical fruits

    The game has different fruits such as grapes, peaches, melons, pineapples, etc. Combine two identical fruits to make a larger fruit. The fruits merge when they touch each other. By doing the same, you can make a watermelon by combining two melons. Match identical fruits
  3. Create a Giant Watermelon

    The goal of the Suika game is to combine fruits to make a giant watermelon and you need to try to score as many points as possible before the container is filled with fruits. The game will end if any of your fruit crosses the red line at the top of the Watermelon game. Create a Giant Watermelon

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Suika?

    The Suika Game, also known as the Watermelon Game. In this game you need to put fruits in a box and try not to exceed the top line. Identical fruits will merge with each other and form larger fruits. The main goal of the game is to get a huge watermelon and score as many points as possible.

  2. What are tips for playing Suika?

    By choosing the right tactics you can advance as far as possible in the game, here are some tips:
    ● Try to throw identical fruits on top of each other so that they merge immediately.
    ● Think about where you will put the fruit. Try not to leave small fruits under large ones, as they will be more difficult to merge later.
    ● Try to do combos. A combo is when you combine two or more fruits at the same time. This will give you a higher score than combining the fruits individually.
    ● Try to practice the game more often. The more you play Suika Game, the better your skills will improve.

  3. Can I play Suika game unlimited?

    Yes, on our website you can play unlimited and completely free. Our watermelon game can be easily launched directly in the browser on both desktop and mobile devices.

  4. What is the maximum number of points I can score in Suika game?

    The main goal of the Suika game is to score as many points as possible. Therefore, you can play endlessly until your fruit container is full.

  5. How many points does each type of fruit earn?

    There are a total of 11 types of different fruits, here is the list (from smallest fruit to largest):
    Cherry (2 points)
    Strawberry (4 points)
    Grape (6 points)
    Pear (8 points)
    Orange (10 points)
    Apple (12 points)
    Lemon (14 points)
    Peach (16 points)
    Pineapple (18 points)
    Melon (20 points)
    Watermelon (22 points)

About Suika Game

Suika Game is a fun and viral game where you have to put different fruits into a box one by one. The most interesting thing is to watch these fruits roll and bounce in the box. Millions of people watch watermelon game streams through streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.
The Suika or Watermelon Game was created by Aladdin X, a Japanese projector company. After seeing how popular the Chinese game Synthetic Watermelon was, they decided to make a similar version of it to showcase the company's projector products. The game was so popular that Aladdin X put it up for sale on the Nintendo eShop. Following this, the game Suika became popular on Twitch in Japan and eventually became so popular that it was released in all eShop markets in October 2023.
The Suika game is a great way to have fun while passing the time or compete with friends in your ability to compactly merge fruits.

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